My passion for scholarship and my research is only surpassed by my passion to engage students with it. I have taught a wide variety of courses, ranging from research methods and statistics, to communication, media, politics, culture, and theory. I strive to keep the content of these courses and my techniques fresh. My syllabi are always changing to incorporate current events and new scholarship. I am constantly adapting and expanding my teaching techniques as I try new and innovative classroom activities, which are increasingly involving new media technologies. For example, I have employed the technology forward teaching technique of Just-in-Time Teaching. Students respond to the readings the day before class in an online forum and I adjust the classroom activity accordingly. This technique allows for maximum student engagement and input into the way each class session is organized and developed. Further, each class I teach commences with a series of open-ended questions related to the current course topic. This way, in my classes, a precedent is set early on regarding the importance of discussion and dialogue. My teaching is also deeply informed by feminist pedagogy as I assume the role of moderator in class discussions in which students and their voice are the focal point.

Recent examples of syllabi:

Political Sociology

Sociology of Communication